POLITICS… There, I said it.

I’m a deeply political person.

Whew. I said it.

That’s hard for me to admit on social media; most of the time I just stay silent. Why? Because I hate the cruelty and ugliness that currently come with our political landscape. I hate that if I say what my opinion is, I’ll be labeled, maybe insulted, and definitely put in a box by those that might disagree, written off or judged.

I hate the heaviness politics brings with them today. Ira Glass said in the intro of Episode 658 of This American Life last year: 

“Remember when the news was boring? When politics was boring? That happened, right? I’m not imagining that. You were there, I was there. That happened in our lives. I miss it.

I miss it, too, Ira. I miss the days when politics were boring, and we didn’t mind so much if we disagreed.

It’s this ugly landscape, the constant tension, the extreme partisanship that has kept me silent. But while I hardly ever speak up on politics, I am deeply engaged in trying to understand it all.

I read countless articles on politics and current events every day. I scour a variety of sources, trying to find a full picture, trying to understand. I have a stack of books on politics waiting for me to digest them. I spend a lot of time talking to those friends and family who are safe (more on that later), trying to see all of this from a theological perspective.

I also spend more time than I should worrying about and hurting for our country. Not that it’s wrong to care, but it sometimes consumes me so deeply that it affects me personally in a way that doesn’t live up to God’s call to cast our cares on him. I need to learn to care and to trust at the same time. More on that later as well.

So, here’s my confession… I care about politics a lot. And there are things that are on my heart and on my mind that I feel I want to start saying out loud.

Scary? Yes. But as I’ve watched the landscape these past few years, I’ve started to wonder… Maybe if so many of us who believe that the tone of our current political conversational tone ISN’T OKAY, maybe if we stay silent… maybe that is detrimental. If change is going to happen, those of us who want change need to speak up.

So here goes. I’ve got this idea for a series to put some of these things I think about into writing. My thoughts may be a small drop in the ocean of this huge political mess, but I feel it’s time to speak up. Because I care deeply, and I want to try be an agent of change.

Maybe some of what I write will inspire you to want to push for change, too? I hope you’ll come and think with me here.

More tomorrow.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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